18 Elul 5776

מחזור ליום הכיפורים: מסודר ומבואר: כמנהג אשכנז המובהק
Machzor for Yom Kippur: Arranged and Elucidated: According to the Ashkenaz Tradition (Hebrew)
by Rav Avraham Aumann
Beitar Ilit, 5776
395 pages

Available from the author, at 32/4 haRabi miNadvorna St., Beitar Ilit, phone +972-52-713-5863, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or through representatives in many of the Ashkenaz communities and elsewhere:

  • Bnei Brak: Machon Moreshes Ashkenaz, 3 Sorotzkin St., +972-3-570-0783
  • Jerusalem: Friedman, 24/7 Tlalim St., Ramot 1, +972-52-761-1890
  • Modiin Ilit: Aumann, 84 Netivot haMishpat St., Kiryat Sefer, +972-50-411-1740
  • Haifa: Kehillas Zichron Yaakov, 3 Geula St., Hadar, +972-54-840-4179
  • Beit Shemesh: Hoffner, 5/1 Nachal haBasor, Ramah 1, +972-58-766-2663
  • Elad: Hoffner, 17 Rambam St., +972-3-909-0541
  • Petach Tikva: Hoffner, 9/4 Rozovsky St., Ganei Hadar, +972-52-764-5213
  • Rechasim: Stern, 10/16 haRav Mishkovsky Way, +972-58-324-4946

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Second printing, Elul 5777:

Further Corrections

Released in Elul 5776 is this new Minhag Ashkenaz machzor with commentary in Hebrew.  Up until now, there has been no such machzor with Hebrew commentary, so for Hebrew speakers following Minhag Ashkenaz, this machzor should greatly enhance their understanding of the Yom Kippur tefilah, and thus lead to an improvement in kavana.

The Machzor has many other notable features.  For example, the nusach has been corrected according to early machzorim, the structure of the piyutim is highlighted, and all of the relevant minhagim have been included.

Price (in Eretz Yisrael): ₪40.