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שרשי מנהג אשכנז
Shorshei Minhag Ashkenaz (Hebrew)
by Rav Binyomin Shlomo Hamburger
Bnei Brak

Vol. 1 (2nd, expanded edition)
Vol. 4 (2nd edition)
Vol. 6 (new)

הגדת בני אשכנז
The Ashkenaz Haggadah (Hebrew)
by Rav Binyomin Shlomo Hamburger
Bnei Brak

The Haggadah for Pesach, specifically tailored for those who follow Minhag Ashkenaz meticulously, and of special interest to those who value our glorious and rich Ashkenaz heritage, is being prepared for publication by the Machon. This Haggadah will feature the original version of the text of the Haggadahs of Ashkenaz, the result of painstaking research into and analysis of numerous Haggadahs, both ancient and contemporary. To be included also are all the Ashkenaz customs and all the halachic rulings of the Sages of Ashkenaz that pertain to the Haggadah, with all the sources cited. The Haggadah will also contain significant illustrations and breathtaking pictures, in full color, taken from various genuine Ashkenaz Haggadahs.

24 Tishrei 5778

מחזור לראש השנה: מסודר ומבואר: כמנהג אשכנז המובהק
Machzor for Rosh Hashanah: Arranged and Elucidated: According to the Ashkenaz Tradition (Hebrew)
by Rav Avraham Aumann
Beitar Ilit

The editor of the widely acclaimed Machzor for Yom Kippur is in the process of preparing for publication this new machzor and is seeking sponsors and providing opportunities for dedication.  He can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +972-52-713-5863.

Leading Rabbis throughout the Generations on the Preservation of Minhag Ashkenaz (Hebrew) (2nd, expanded edition)
Leading Rabbis throughout the Generations on the Preservation of Minhag Ashkenaz (English)
The Ashkenaz Tradition: Volumes 1–3 (Hebrew)

Guide to Minhag Ashkenaz (Hebrew)
Guide to Minhag Ashkenaz (English)
Ashkenaz Jewish Law and Practice (Hebrew)

Minhag Ashkenaz Siddur (Hebrew)

The New is Forbidden by the Torah (Hebrew)
From Frankfurt to Pressburg (Hebrew)
Torah and Chassidus According to the Philosophy of the Chasam Sofer: Volumes 1–2 (Hebrew)

The Rabbinical Seminary in Berlin (Hebrew)
The Ashkenaz Yeshivos (Hebrew)
The Yeshivos of Germany (Hebrew)
Minhagim of the Land of Israel from the Days of Chazal through the Present Time (Hebrew)
Minhagim of the Synagogues of Central Europe and England (Hebrew)
Minhagim of Padua (Hebrew)
False Messiahs and their Opponents (English)
The “Nesinah LaGer” (Rabbi Nosson Adler of London) and his Contemporaries (Hebrew)
Rabbi Shimon Ginzburg's Minhag Guide in Yiddish (Hebrew)
Rabbi Avraham Broide: The Leader of Roshei Yeshiva in his Generation (Hebrew)
Rödelheim: The Life's Work of Rabbi Wolf Heidenheim (Hebrew)