16 Adar I 5776

מחזור שבחי ישורון
Machzor Shivchei Yeshurun
Zichron Eliezer Gedaliah
According to the Western Ashkenaz Tradition, Especially That of the Holy Community of K’hal Adath Jeshurun, New York

by Rav Dovid Roth
Washington Heights, New York, 5776
797 pages

(Note: This work is not an official Machon Moreshes Ashkenaz publication.)

Available from the author, who can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  For further information about how to purchase, click here.  The machzor is currently available at a special, introductory price of $18 directly from the distributors mentioned there.

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Newly released in time for Shabbos Parshas Shekolim, this machzor contains all the piyutim for the special Shabboses throughout the year.  Features of this machzor include:

  • Separately for each special Shabbos, the piyutim are included in their context, interspersed with the full text of the regular Shabbos tefiloh, eliminating the need to flip pages back and forth or use two siddurim.
  • Includes Krovos for Purim, Bircas haMazon for Seudas Bris Milah, and a comprehensize appendix.
  • Each piyut is elucidated by insights and explanations written in English.
  • Newly typeset in a large, clear font.
  • Compatible with a broad spectrum of variations of Western Ashkenaz tradition, with a special focus on K’hal Adath Yeshurun of Washington Heights.

For more information visit the Machzor Shivchei Yeshurun web site.

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