16 Menachem-Av 5777

Phone: +972-53-315-9071 (Elazar Cohn)
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A new "Yekkish" kehillah, kAdat Ashkenaz, is in the process of being established in the Talbiya/Rechavia neighborhood of Jerusalem.

With regard to the nusach and the minhagim, the kehillah aims to be just like other such kehillos, e.g. those of Basel and Frankfurt.  The traditional Ashkenaz havarah for cholom ('au') will be used for the Torah reading as well as the tefillah.   As for the melodies of the tefillah and the piyutim, they will include great compositions by Lewandowsky and others and carried out by the kehillah's chazzan and choir.

There are currently more than thirty people who have committed to attend the daily minyanim once the kehillah is established.